How the lottery works:

All meet & greets at VidCon are allocated via a lottery system. Every year VidCon hosts a Meet & Greet Lottery for Community & Industry Track attendees. This takes place a couple months prior to the event. Participation in the Meet & Greet Lottery is the only way to receive Meet & Greets at VidCon. 

Please note:

  • All sessions are assigned at random. There is no way to predetermine who you will meet, how many sessions you will receive, or the days and times of those sessions.
  • All attendees have a fair chance. There is no way to increase your chances of meeting a particular creator. 
  • Simply entering the lottery does not guarantee a session with any one Featured Creator, but every entrant will receive at least one session with a creator they have ranked. 
  • You must rank all 10 Featured Creators, otherwise your entry will be considered incomplete and will not be saved.
  • All results are final. Only entries that are filled out correctly and saved will be entered in the lottery. Once the lottery closes, no additional entries will be accepted and no modifications can be made. If you are unsure whether your entry was submitted successfully, please reach out to with your name and Ticket Number.
  • Trading and/or gifting of meet & greet sessions is strictly prohibited. Additionally, parents and chaperones will not be able to give their meet & greets to their child.

The Meet & Greet Lottery gives attendees an even chance of meeting their favorite creators and ensures that no one waits in line needlessly only to be disappointed when a session is full. It reduces the amount of time people are waiting in Meet & Greet Hall lines in general. The good news is that in addition to the Meet & Greet Hall there are so many fun things to see and do while you're at VidCon London!